Domaine de Puyguiller

Segonzac, Charente, France

Petit-Château for sale in the heart of
Grande Champagne cognac region of France

WATER: New supply and meter for the property installed with new distribution point in garage/tool/fuel store serving new pipework in south wing and joining existing pipework for the rest of the property. All exterior water supplies are new, serving five external taps and five irrigation systems. Pipework arranged to allow for the fitting of a water softener.

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: 1. For avenue of 78 chestnut trees (no longer required, since trees are now well established); 2. For the four formal planters in front of the house (rarely necessary); 3. For the planter below the south balcony; 4. For the boxed holly bushes in the walled garden; 5. For the trained hornbeam trees in the walled garden – all with associated control systems.

ELECTRICITY: New single and three-phase supply, controls, meter and fuse board to point in garage/tool/fuel store for distribution to new supply in south wing and existing supplies in the rest of the property.

CENTRAL HEATING: Two new 2,500 litre oil tanks supply existing boiler for heating to habitable parts of the property.

HOT WATER: 300 litre electric immersion hot water cylinder supplies the main house and a 200 litre electric immersion hot water cylinder supplies the “old wing” of the property.

WELLS: There are two wells, both in good condition, one in the walled garden and one in the east courtyard.

OUTSIDE LIGHTING: Remote controlled system with three programmes for lighting the front (west facade) of the house. Movement detector controlled lighting to secondary driveway to the village. Movement detector controlled lighting for five lights in the walled garden with five other lights manually controlled. Five manually controlled lights for the east courtyard with another four on the east facade and two to the north facade.

DRAINAGE: New septic tank system installed with provision for the main house and south wing. Second new septic tank system installed for the “old wing” of the property.

TELEPHONE: New provision to the garage/tool/fuel store and to the Estate Office.