Domaine de Puyguiller

Segonzac, Charente, France

Petit-Château for sale in the heart of
Grande Champagne cognac region of France

The fiefdom/domain of Puyguiller came in times past administratively under Bouteville. It was entitled to high, medium and low justice — a right that was confirmed by a decree dated 8 September 1671. In 1760, this land was acquired by the family Roy of Angeac—an ancient and noble family of the old province of l’Angoumois—that had been settled in Segonzac since 1590. In fact, at the time when he acquired the domain of Puyguiller, Jean Roy, barrister at the Parliament of Paris, also bought the domain of Courades, and then in 1770, the domain of Angeac in Champagne. In 1775, he was appointed secretary and a king’s councillor of the house and throne of France, at the Parliament of Clermont-Ferrand. He died in Segonzac on 17 June 1784, leaving an only son, Jean-François Roy d’Angeac who had married in 1780 Appolonie Texier de La Pègerie.

The current residence dates from 1875. It has a rectangular plan, and is covered by a Mansart-Style roof (so named after the famous 17th century French architect Jules Mansart). It is flanked on one of it facades by two turrets that are connected by a balcony on the first floor level. Puyguiller is a typical house of the region of Cognac from the period before the appearance of the phylloxera grape pest.

In the nineteenth century the property was purchased by the De Jarnac family from Mainxe and was held by the same family for four generations distilling cognac over 40 hectares of vineyards. The family changed their name to Dejarnac. In 2005 the property and 5.21 remaining hectares of land were purchased by the present owner.